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I'm Alison J. Prince,
True story: for nearly a decade I sat behind a screen, perfectly content to sell products online and be virtually invisible. Almost no one knew who I was or what I was doing...and I liked it that way. 

It started with a simple need that you might relate to: earning extra money for my family. My husband and I had four little kids--and all of the demands (and blessings) that come with a growing family. Finances were definitely tight. 
A friend helped me create a super simple website and I posted my first online product:
left-over craft supplies I found in the corner of my office. They sold, I reinvested the profits

...and I was hooked. 

Those first steps eventually led me to build not one, but four multi-million dollar businesses, 
most of which were created while I sat on my couch in my pajama pants while my kids were asleep or at school. 

But you know what? One day I realized that wasn’t enough. I knew that I needed to conquer my fears, 
step forward and start teaching other people how to do what I’d done. 
That’s when the 0-100k System was born and with it the amazing family 
we call it the BecauseICAN
When I got started selling products online (aka: e-commerce). I had no one to help me navigate all the 
ins and outs of the process.

No one to help me understand where to find products and how to price them and how to build a brand. 

I was on. my. own. 

But now? I think it’s safe to say that if there was a degree in e-commerce, I’d be class valedictorian!
  •  I know how to identify products that sell and the best platforms to sell them (over 50 million dollars in sales to date--holy cow!)
  • I have an in-depth knowledge of pricing and margins
  • I have developed strong relationships with foreign and US-based manufacturers (7 trips to China so far!)
  •  I can practically ship products in my sleep
  •  I have the marketing know-how to build a strong online brand, use social media effectively and create high-performing email lists
  • ​ I know how to identify products that sell and where to sell them
And most importantly, I know how to teach others exactly how to follow in my footsteps. (Heck--I used to teach science to junior high kids! This is way easy by comparison!) 

I’ve taught my system to my 10- and 13-year old daughters, my sister, and my friends, and they’ve all built successful e-commerce businesses. And today, with my 0-$100K System, I’m mentoring thousands of women, men and kids (oh yes—I love kidpreneurs!) to build their own profitable, sustainable online businesses too and I can't wait to teach you too!

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--Alison J.
Most days you can find me...
plotting new ways to love on those living their BecauseICan life  by delivering even more value to them and still running my own online businesses. All while shuttling four kids to school and piano lessons, and drinking copious amounts of True Lemon mixed in my water. 

People often refer to me...
as “that one mom” who taught her daughters to build their own 6-figure e-commerce business who also built 4 multi-million dollar businesses.  Oh—and the one who embarrasses her kids by posting “kissing pictures” with her husband. (He’s the best!) 

I absolutely love serving the world...
by using the gifts and experiences I’ve been given to help change the lives of others. I know what it’s like to be financially stressed and do work you don’t love. It’s a joy to watch people go from the “have to” life to the BecauseICAN lifestyle. 
The things that I'm most passionate about
my family, my faith, helping others kick fear in the teeth and build successful online businesses, and sugar cookies with pink frosting piled HIGH. And don’t even get me started on Taylor Swift. 
What was the first thing you were excited to buy when you HAD money?
Mmm... A gallon of Chick-Fil-a Diet Lemonade (no cup needed. Just bring me a straw).
Favorite way to travel?
With my husband and kids. 
WHAT is one of your must read BOOKs? 
Essentialism By Greg McKeown
What is mandatory that you teach your children?
Dancing and singing with each other in the kitchen are daily essentials. 
What'S YOUR FAVORITE SHOW TO binge watch?
Reruns of Modern Family
How many times did YOU think about quitting when YOU WERE JUST startING?
I don't think I can count that high.
With 4's always up in the air.
What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
Eat a burger in Barcelona.  Hello Heaven.
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